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Let Irie help you create a home office that looks amazing and works as hard as you do. We custom design an office that’s a fit for your space, your lifestyle, your working style, your budget, and your aesthetic preferences. We make sure your files are within reach and your computer, printer and cables positioned so they contribute to maximum efficiency and ease of use.

Scott will measure on-site, discuss your needs, and put together a computer-generated design. (See the Design and Installation page.) Some of the considerations that go into the design are:

  • Your office space and how it relates to the rest of your home, both physically and aesthetically
  • Your equipment (computers, printers, fax lines, scanners, copiers, etc.) and wire management needs
  • Ways to save energy and make your office more green
  • Storage and configuration requirements (File drawers, keyboard pullouts, vented computer cabinets, routed channels to run wires, printer desks/tables, bookshelves, etc.)
  • Noise, venting, lighting, and privacy factors
  • Multi-purposing (like including a Murphy bed so your office can be turned into a guest room)
  • Your work habits (spread out with a credenza or more compact?)
  • Ergonomics
  • Accommodations for visitors or clients, if needed
  • Number of people will be working in the space?
  • Stylish and attractive design that fits all the functionality needed and coordinates with the rest of the home.
  • Budget

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