Cabinet Coatings

A custom finish on your cabinets from Irie Cabinetry creates a unique look and feel

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One of the easiest and most effective ways to give your cabinets from Irie Cabinetry a new and interesting look is to customize the finish on it. And it will help protect your cabinets, too.

Every finish technique we use creates a unique look, giving raw wood a beautiful color and depth and the durability to last a lifetime whether you need something that will stand up to moisture, high use, or children and pets.

We hand apply our custom finishes in a professional finish booth and then cover your cabinets with a transparent top coat that protects your wood from dirt, grease, and drying, which may cause cracking.

Finish Options

Choose a timeless paint or finish for your custom cabinets from the following available options:

  • Stain brings out the natural grain of wood to create a natural and beautiful look in any room of your home. Some stains will make the variations in the wood more distinctive, which can create a one-of-a-kind look for your cabinets. Stains are usually hand-rubbed for a professional finish.
  • Paint allows you to choose from a wide variety of colors for your cabinets. Some colors may provide you with a light, clean look while others can provide a striking contrast to natural wood accents in your room. We recommend choosing choose a color that works well with the décor in the rest of your home or office.
  • Pigmented lacquer makes a great base coat for your cabinets because of its ability to hide imperfections in lower-quality woods or melamine. You can choose from a wide variety of colors that complements the décor in the rest of your home or office.
  • Distressing (or antiquing) is a great way to add character to your home by making your new cabinets look like they’ve been in your home for years. We use sandpaper or paint stripper on your painted or stained cabinets to remove some of the paint or stain to create an aged appearance. Distressing is good if you’re building cabinets for an older home and looking for authenticity.
  • Rub-through finishes are similar to distressing in that they give your cabinets a more worn look. It’s generally done with sandpaper rubbed along the corners and edges of the cabinetry. Rub-through finishes work well with painted or stained and add contrast to the piece.
  • Glaze adds visual interest to your stained and painted cabinetry. It is applied with a brush and then rubbed off by hand. The glaze remains in corners, recesses, and imperfections on the wood and emphasizing details that make your cabinets truly unique.
  • Faux finishes are specialty finishes that simulate the look of marble, wood, plaster, stone, or any other material you can think of. They create interesting texture for your cabinets, especially when used for accent pieces.
  • Catalyzed lacquer offers a more durable finish for your cabinets than traditional lacquers. It creates a hard surface that resists scratches and dries quickly. It has good resistance to household chemicals, which makes it a great choice to finish your kitchen, bathroom, or garage cabinets

Our high-quality finishes include UV inhibitors, baked on catalytic-conversion varnish for strength and durability, and high-solid sealers for added protection.

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