Kitchen Cabinets Denver The kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. It is where the home gets its nourishment - not just physical nourishment from the food, but emotional and spiritual nourishment from relationships. It is an intimate space, where memories are made, laughter echoed, hugs exchanged, and hurts healed. Given the role that the kitchen plays in the home, renovating this room is an extremely important project.

In fact, you can't go wrong renovating an outdated kitchen. Kitchen remodeling is the home improvement job that adds the most value to your home. You'll recover 80%-90% of your kitchen remodeling costs in the price of your home.

At Irie we help you make your kitchen a personalized statement for your home. Not only that, our designs make the best use of available space and make things easier on you, so that everything is one step away, or better yet, no steps away.

We organize your kitchen by paying attention to how you use the space and help you create areas for:

  • Planning (writing lists, organizing mail, leaving messages, charging cell phones, etc.)

  • Food storage (wire baskets, lazy susans, pantries, etc.)

  • Food preparation (utensils, cutting boards, spices, etc.)

  • Table setting (dishes, glasses, cutlery, napkins, etc.)

  • Trash and recycling

Kitchen Cabinets Denver Some of our special offerings are:

  • Any style from contemporary to traditional

  • Floor to ceiling cabinetry

  • Upper cabinets can include lights, glass fronts, finished bottom, and light rail (for under cabinet lighting)

  • Fluted columns, raised end panels, crown molding

  • Cabinets designed for microwaves

  • Large pantries that can include multiple level shelves, door shelves, rollouts, door-mounted rollout shelves.

  • Miracle corners, lazy susans, etc.

We are not limited to stock size increments. Our cabinets are custom-fitted, which makes them great for small areas or unusual spaces. We can do any depth, height, etc. Also, we have several options that can handle the "blind corner pantry" problem.

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