Are there items in your garage that you would like to use but can't find?

Or maybe you know where they are but can't reach them?

Garage Cabinets Denver Since the invention of the first garage, people have been battling the junk and clutter that seems to take over garages. For many homeowners the garage has always been associated with clutter, disorganization and stress. Irie Cabinetry has solutions to solve the age-old problem and a clean, organized garage with efficient storage can add value to your home.

Let Irie Cabinetry help organize your world. We give you expert design advice that lets you be in control. We design a solution that uses all the space in your garage to best advantage. You will have a place to put everything and be able to access most items instantly. We design workable solutions that are as unique as you are, and we do it within your budgetary constraints. We listen to your needs.

Garage Cabinets Denver Irie Cabinetry's custom garage solutions are built to last. They are versatile, durable, attractive, easy to clean, made of the best materials, and we back them up with complete warranties.

Irie Cabinetry can provide your garage with floor-to-ceiling sleek, organize-able, storage cabinets that are on 6" stainless steel legs so cleaning is a breeze. We provide big cabinets, lockers, etc. to house sporting goods, outdoor equipment, and anything else. Cabinets are made of durable laminate and can come with all amenities, such as drawers, rollout shelves, etc. We also build workbenches and hobby areas, all customized to fit around garage obstacles and to use the space to maximum advantage.

We would love to make your garage an Irie workshop today!

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