Cabinet Woods Denver Wood is one material that will never go out of style. It offers a rich classic appeal that comes in a variety of species. Depending on your own personal taste, you can create the look and feel that is perfect for the space. The species of wood that you select will have the utmost impact on the beauty and artistry of your final product.

Irie Cabinetry will work with any species of wood and will help you choose the wood that best suits your style, works with your budget, and fits your environment.

Some of the most common wood species are:

  • Cabinet Woods Denver Alder - A slightly softer wood that stains well and has nice knotty grain pattern. Is cheaper than cherry, moderately light weight, low in shrinkage.

  • Cherry - Has beautiful fine to medium grain pattern that doesn't necessarily need staining. Slightly harder than Alder, resists warping and darkens beautifully with age, which gives it a unique beauty.

  • Maple - A Hardwood known for its close, uniform grain. Doesn't stain as easily. Lighter color looks good with clear coat.

  • Lyptus - Farmed wood/Eco-friendly. Very hard. Nice, natural, warm color.

  • Oak - A light wood with a prominent open grain pattern and textured surface. Often used for traditional or casual country look. Heavy-grained and durable.

  • Mahogany - Rich reddish color with fine to medium grain. Often considered to be world's premier wood for cabinetry.

  • Walnut - Dark brown to purplish black. Beautiful figured grain with uniform texture that improves with age. Is a popular hardwood used for furniture.

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